Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself *Jay-Z Voice*

Hey thereIMG_8230…. again.

I started “Paleo In The Streets” back in 2012, when I was first introduced to the Paleo “diet”. It changed my life and perspective on health. It’s hard to explain…. It just made sense. You know “Eat closest to nature.” How could anyone argue against that? I then started educating myself and totally became ingrained in the health culture.  I belonged to a community. I felt good. I looked fit. I became passionate while helping others and making a difference.


My blog kind of fell off the radar after 2013. Also, Paleo as a “diet” (the overall health community, really) evolved dramatically – for the better I think. We’ve learned a lot. We have better access to research and intelligence regarding health and nutrition. We went from arguing about Paleo vs. Vegan vs. [Insert a fad diet]  to understanding that there is no magic bullet to health. We all have different bodies and goals on our health journey.  The general population is waking up to the fact that….we might have really effed up in the past. Like really effed up. How is eating Fruity Pebbles, Pop Tarts and Sunny-D for breakfast still legal? Oh, and low-fat diets anyone? And remember when they told us eggs were bad for us because they had high cholesterol? Unfortunately, bad science in the past means some credibility has been taken away from nutritionists and doctors. There are still great ones who keep up, but some have been “misinformed” as to our approach to healing diseases and promoting good health. It’s not just about, “pop this pill.” Again, not their fault but it’s just a reality. As one of my favorite Podcasters, Shawn Stevenson, would say “When you teach smart people the wrong thing, they become world-class about doing the wrong thing.”

IMG_8185Basically, people today have the ability to take health into their own hands.  In fact, the paradigm has shifted in such a way that, mainstream brands such as General Mills, the same people who sell Trix Cereal and Fruit by the Foot, have bought out Epic Meat bars, an all-natural protein bar made from only grass-fed animals like Bison, Lamb and Turkey.  You can also find vending machines full of salads instead of junk food all around the streets of Chicago.

My goal of this blog is the same as when I started…. to not only promote ultimate health, community and spread the word on up-to-date research, but also declutter all the information out there. Most importantly, I want to have a blog that goes beyond the paleo diet. A blog that touches on all aspects of wellness such as sleep, connections, movement, stress management and supplements. Ultimately, this also helps stop the trend of being victim to illnesses and/or seeing our friends and families become victims.  Let’s take control of our health so we can thrive and live life to the fullest.

By further educating ourselves, we WILL change our perspective to wellness.

This blog and everything else health-related is dedicated to my father who, although left us to be with the Lord, kicked Cancer’s ass by never going down without a fight. Since then, it has been in my experience that too many of us suffer from the exact same experience. And the number of people this happens to will only get worse, by the way. The national cancer institute has estimated by 2030, the number of cancer deaths will increase by 60%. WTF is going on here?
In a way, I feel like my dad’s situation lit a fuse IMG_8251under me to do more. One thing I can say about my dad is he always looked out for people in his community, thinking of others he loved over himself. I too, hope to carry that spirit through this blog and other endeavors coming my way.


I’m going to keep making you proud, Dad. Love you.

Love. Peace. Bacon Grease.



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