“Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”…

Those words uttered by my college basketball coach will forever be engrained in my head and I immediately thought about them as I was considering my 2018 intentions.

In general, I’m excited every year New Year… This year however, was different. My level of excitement was extremely heightened. I usually hate the “New Year New Me” crap” Yeah, you know the Robert Downey Jr. meme, right?496

With my dad’s passing in Dec of 2016, as we got closer to the end of 2017, I was counting down the day’s, hours, even minutes. I often found myself looking past Christmas. I just wanted the year to be over. That’s not like me either. Those who know me or have followed me for a while, know that. It was a game changing experience, to say the least and I was ready for something fresh.

Well, it’s here. 2018. How was I going to approach it differently?  I’ve written New Years plans / goals before… but how can I be more effective this year by holding myself accountable? Again, my first thought took me back to my college coach. The 5 Ps. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

“My big a-ha here was that we should look at our New Year goals behaviorally, not as a static occurrence list.”

After doing what I get paid to do professionally (behavioral research,) here were some notes I’m using to implement within into my own 2018 goals.

SIDE NOTE: I know it’s already past Jan 1st when I publish the post. If you hadn’t started a list yet, who the eff cares? Start today. Start Next Monday. Start in February if you want. Remember what the great Bob Ross once said. “This is your world. You’re the creator. Find freedom on this canvas. Believe, that you can do it.” c1855c015987be7ae00986a072dd099f

Or maybe you have already started. Maybe you are already on Day 5 of Whole30 or your workout routine. SWEET! You are awesome (and i’m not  because I’m definitely not there yet). Maybe the below can help later in the year.

Alright here we go… Here’s what helped me:

Understanding what Resolution means

I know, kind of duh, right? But really, when I started thinking about the word “resolution,” I started thinking, “Well, what does it really mean?”  Resolution = another attempt to solve a problem. How do we do that? By approaching something in a new light. My big a-ha here was that we should look at our New Year goals behaviorally, not as a static occurrence list. Simply put, we should write a list of behaviors that over-time, can provoke transformation in a positive way. So how do we do that?

Going from macro to micro level

I started by just jotting down a bunch of ish. I mean everything and anything I could think of. Very broadly too with not much thought. It was like “read more books,” “be more present,” or “get back in shape.” You know, the usual. In the end, it was a list of 28 things

After going over the list, I identified 4 buckets that I wanted to work on. These are also pretty broad and i think pretty universal among all of us.

  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Financial
  4. Health

You can break down your buckets however you wish or add more. These are what I focused on for this year. Also having four just fit better in my journal😁

Within my four buckets, I started incorporating goals from my list where they fit best. Turns out, my personal and health bucket had the most goals… Surprising, isn’t it? *very sarcastic tone*

A step or two further…FOCUS

After the year breakdown, I broke it down by month, getting really focused. For example, one of my 2018 intentions was to learn 2-3 new skills. One of those skills I want to learn is how to play music on the Accordion. For January, my goal is to practice playing at least 6 times this month.  Pushing that even further, I am breaking down  by week also. So this week, I want to identify the best resources, people and videos that can help me learn. Keeping up monthly and weekly will hopefully keep me on track.

Be Conservative. BABY STEPS.

As you see with my Accordion example, my goal for the year is not even to learn how to play. I just want to learn one or two songs. If i do learn how to play, than great!

The list is free flowing

I think if I look back and I know I gave all of my broad level 2018 goals a shot, than it’s not a failure.

Life may hit me in the face again and derail the entire list. I may even add goals to this. All good, i’m trying to keep my list as organic as possible.

Well, thats my approach and some intentions. Will this approach work? Check in with me in a few months, and I’ll let you know:)

So what’s your plan for attack in 2018 and how will you be keeping up with your goals?

As for my 2018 intentions, from a broad level, here are some of mine and more focused approach on how to meet those transformation goals. Keeping these  focused health and wellness for the purpose of my blog;)




Eat More organic May be surprising but I really didn’t pay much attention to what is organic and not. I mean, I cared about it but it wasn’t a priority. After learning more about the importance of eating organic to the human body and the effects pesticides can have on our bodies / children, I need to be better with this. Start by always buying the Dirty Dozen organic.
Be mindful and eat at more restaurants that serve organic
Mindful Eating I read a great book at the end of last year called “Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life.” It’s by one of my favorite Zen Masters, Tich Nhat Hanh. In general, I knew the importance slow eating for your body. But the book opened up my eyes from a spiritual perspective. It’s really important people. Pray and give gratitude before every meal, even if I am dining out.
Consider and be thankful for where my food came from. Be thankful for those that helped put it in front of me.
Be more aware of the source of my animal protein Again, I know it’s important and I try to eat it as much as possible. For 2018, I want to really enforce this though. At restaurants, I’ll just opt for veggies or seafood unless I know the animal protein is grass-fed, pasture raised and/or from local farms.
Recycle more We need to respect the land we live on so it will respect us Recycle all plastic and glass I use at my house. I hope to expand that to others like metal and compost.
New Skills I want to exercise my brain more Learn to play one or two songs on the Accordion
Connect and reconnect Relationships in my opinion are a big part of being paleo. I want to network more and also make time to connect more often with my current friends Get closer with my neighbors at home and the workplace.
Attend at least one networking event per month
Anytime I think of a old friend, shoot that person a text to just see how they are doing
Workout more outside

Most of us, including me, lack in Vitamin D consumption.  The more I’ve researched, the more I read about our nutrient deficiency and the effect that has on our health

Houston has some amazing parks. I would like to start taking advantage of being outside and getting Vitamin D naturally

Focus workout routines based on what’s available at the parks around me
Utilize mobile equipment like TRX bands and Kettlebells which can easily be transported outside
Power Down at Night…. Earlier I’ve been doing meditation and stretching in the A.M. about 5-6 times per week already. It has really helped my mental clarity.

For 2018, I want to focus more on my night time routines.

Also meditate and pray before bedtime.

Wear my Blue Light Blocker glasses at an earlier time

In bed before 11pm!

Supplement Better If you are doing Paleo correctly, you should be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. However, it doesn’t hurt to supplement any you might have missed. I do well with my multivitamins and fish oil but not as consistent as I would like Be smarter with the timing of taking my vitamins as that plays a role in the absorption of the body.
Honestly, I’m still looking for way’s i can get better at being consistent.
Digital Disconnection I’m saving up for a bigger post on EMF (Electromagnetic field) protection. It’s a big concern and I don’t think get’s enough attention. I hope to find ways to limit exposure.


Disconnection from social and digital also plays a big role on mental clarity as well as other health benefits like better sleep, boost production and creativity. Control your electronics, don’t let your electronics control you (I still struggle with this.)

Take at least one digital detox trip per month
Stop electronic usage after 10pm

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  1. phoenixraay says:

    Nice post, I think it will help people to plan out their 2018 goals!

    1. Thanks for reading and awesome! Would love to read your approach!

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