Healthy living to me is more than just eating duck fat, kale shakes and meat bars.  My philosophy is not a diet, it is a Paleo-inspired lifestyle.  With this blog, I aim to encourage healthier, active lifestyles and better decision-making by spreading the word on health tips, lively activities, local food spots, tasty recipes as well as highlighting wellness leaders in our community.

Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Whole30…. whatever you believe in, I don’t care.  When it comes to food, we should aspire to do one thing….Just Keep It Real.

As a firm believer in being a forever-student, I yearn to learn and would love to share my paleo urban lifestyle with you.

Standing DeskABOUT ME:
A professional researcher by trade. Endurance athlete by night. Since 2012, I’ve been “paleoish” and have learned A LOT along the way. With a true passion for nutrition, I strive to help inspire and motivate people to be the healthier version of themselves and get the most out of their lives. 

I’m H-Town based and a proud Schreiner University Alumnus (Go Mountaineers!).  I am a basketball player turned endurance-athlete focused on Triathlons. However, I dab in pretty much anything from Crossfit to Boxing to Spartan races and yoga. Whether it’s running 6 miles around the Acropolis in Athens, Greece or doing a WOD on the Gulf Coast of South Padre Island, I basically just love working out.

This is me in a nutshell (nuts are paleo, btw). But I am much more than my beliefs and activities. Follow me on this adventure of Paleo In The Streets.


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  1. Michael Sanders says:

    Hey Henry,

    My friend(Brandi) and I(Michael) bumped into you at the Last Organic Outpost this past weekend. I wanted to touch bases with you concerning the information you had about a couple of books you recommend. I already forgot the titles to them. Also I wanted you to send me some information pertaining to the butchers in Cleveland.

    1. Hi Michael. Was looking forward to hearing from you guys! Absolutely, Did u send an email to henryc@paleointhestreets.com? I looked for it but never got anything. Let me know because I want to make sure I’m not having problems with my email. Also, you can search Paleo in the streets on facebook and find me, or instagram: Paleo_in_the_streets.

      Looking forward to continuing our conversation!

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